Jordan Kissel v. Code42 Software, Inc., et al.
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If you purchased an automatically renewing service from Code42 Software, Inc. at any time between November 19, 2011 and November 19, 2015, inclusive, and you are a consumer in the State of California, you could get a payment from a class action settlement.

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Code42 Software, Inc. ("Code42"). The settlement resolves a lawsuit over whether Code42 complied with a California law that requires companies selling automatically renewing services to provide certain information to consumers; it avoids costs and risks to you from continuing the lawsuit; pays money to consumers like you; and releases Code42 from liability. Your legal rights are affected whether you choose to act or don't act. The Court in charge of this case granted final approval of the settlement, and payments were distributed to Class Members.

Who's included?

All consumers within the State of California who purchased any product or service from Code42 as part of an "Automatic Renewal" or "Continuous Service" plan or arrangement between November 19, 2011 and November 19, 2015, inclusive, and who were subsequently charged by and paid Code42 one or more fees for the renewal of the product or service beyond the original term are deemed to be Class Members in the settlement. This means that if you fit this description, your legal rights are affected by this settlement.

What does the Settlement provide?

The settlement provides $400,000 to pay Class Members, as well as the attorneys’ fees and costs for the lawyers representing the class and the expenses of settlement administration.  Each Class Member received $8.34 from the settlement. 

In addition, in November 2015 Code42 modified the information that it provides to California consumers about its automatically renewing services.  Code42 has agreed to continue to provide this information, either in the form that Code42 has used since November 2015, or in some other form that complies with California law, for automatically renewing services that it offers to California consumers. Complete details can be found in the Settlement Agreement and FAQs.

How can I receive benefits?

If you are a Class Member and received the Class Notice by e-mail, a payment was made to you automatically after the Court approved the settlement.  If, however, you did not receive the Class Notice notice by e-mail, you were required to submit a Claim Form to receive a payment.  The time to submit a Claim Form has passed.

Your Legal Rights and Options

Option Result
Exclude Yourself Get no payment. This is the only option that allows you ever to be part of any other lawsuit against Code42 about the legal claims in this case.
Object Write to the Court about why you don't like the settlement.
Go to a Hearing Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the settlement.
Do Nothing You will get a payment and will give up your rights to sue Code42 about the claims in this case.


These rights and options - and the deadlines to exercise them - are explained further in the Class Notice.

Key Dates

Date Event
December 18, 2017 (Postmarked By)
Exclusion Deadline
December 18, 2017 (Postmarked By)
Objection Deadline
December 18, 2017 (Postmarked By)
Claim Form Deadline (Non-Class Members)
December 26, 2017 (Postmarked By)
Exclusion and Objection Deadline (for Postcard Recipients)
January 19, 2018 (Postmarked By)
Exclusion and Objection Deadline (for Postcards mailed on December 5, 2017)
February 9, 2018
Final Approval Hearing


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